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Several months ago I remember that Aegis of the Legion was one of the most gold efficient items.

But right now, with all those changes in items, it is still the more efficient one?

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Usually you build some gold per 5 items such as philosopher's stone and heart of gold. You constantly buy wards and would get a Shurelya's and an Aegis. This is mainly all I build when playing a support and also to occasionally buy an Oracle's Elixir.

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basically what blastmage77 said. gp5, buy wards, get an oracles so you can kill their wards, and then shurelyas. as for aegis, that depends on how much tankiness you need for your team, if they are tanky enough without it and you have a bunch of ad, then go Zeke's fervor, as the attack speed and lifesteal is an incredible buff for your team to get. as well as randuins omen, basically anything that your gp5 can turn into is cost efficient and worth it for support.

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Kiralirk hit the nail right on the head. Always get gp5 at the start and buy wards early. Evaluate the game and your team later on when you have a few thousand gold. Another good thing to keep in mind is that Kindle Gem only costs 850 gold, gives cool down reduction, and builds into Zeke's Herald, Shurelya's Reverie, and Soul Shroud, all of which are great support items. I recommend getting a Kindle Gem early.

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