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What is the best support/AD carry combo for bottom lane?

I know Taric/Sivir or Alistar/sivir is really powerful, also Tristana/Janna but what is truly THE best combo and is seen most in competitive play?

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I will try to go a little more indepth about botlane makeups.

You have 3 variations of the bottom lane that are commonly seen.

1) Farm lane. You chose an AD carry that can go nuts or "Hyper Carry" lategame. Examples are Vayne/Tristan/Kogmaw. Their laning isnt the best, so you try to pair them with a support that not only allows them to farm better, but complements their lane presence. Vayne isable to position herself with tumble and do decent burst plus a stun with condemn, usually you will pair her with someone with a a hard cc. Taric/Alistar are examples of this. They also have heals to keep her in lane and able to farm.

2) Harass/Zone lanes. These lanes gain their advantage by stopping the other AD carry from farming by keeping them back pushing the other AD carry out of lane. Graves/Corki/Sivir are all really solid in this respect.

3) Kill Lanes. These lanes are designed to do exactly what it says, kill. They usually do not out farm their opponent early on, but once they start the domination they gain the gold advantage.

There are tons of combinations you can use, they all have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

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it really depends on what you like to run. right now Kog Maw and Nunu is ridiculous, kog's range with nunu's bloodboil is just broken as can be. leona and corki is very strong too. and almost anything with a decent alistar can be extremely powerful because he has 2 forms of cc on a fairly short cooldown. but i would go with Kog and Nunu. its easy, powerful, and very hard to stop.

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It depends on what your up against. Honestly, I think that havinga Ranged AD Carry and a 0 Creep Score support bottom that can harass is always the best. Doing this, you can keep the enemy back and ward the area as your AD Carry gets fed quickly and the support can get assists for the GP10 items. Just have the AD Carry poke when they can and get the Support to poke if they can.

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Kog and Nunu lack any form of escape or any real sustain. Corki and Leona are one of the scariest kill lane combos they have. Graves and Ali are a decent combo as far as kills and harass go. As for farming, Vayne or Cait along with a Janna/Sora is the way to go.

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I'd say a good suggestion would be Leona & Graves. They're naturally tanky and with the stuns Leona can put out, Graves could set up a deadly buck shot. Their ultimates also have good synergy and damage with each other if there are multiple enemies stacked together.

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