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Anyone have any tips like what to buy, and what to pay attention to as twitch?

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Sorry this is not a good question at ALL. – Michel Mar 26 '12 at 12:43

Focus on getting damage before attack speed because of how you ultimate works, which is a number of shots instead of a timer. Walk around in stealth to try and act like a sort of human ward and scout for your team. Pull someone with you and you can turn a gank around to kill the enemy team. Be mindful of enemies that buy Vision Wards or Oracle's Elixirs, as this will basically the destroy the whole premise to your champion.

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Or better yet, simply do not play Twitch. Sure, he`s attractive because of stealth and cool slows, missiles from ults and so on and so forth. Alas, it is a given that twitch in a match that has dragged on enough 'till "late game" is really the best carry out there, but getting him there is quite the pain.

And when I'm saying this I'm assuming you're playing decent quality matches in which people are rarely that dumb to just come at you, arms waving, screaming "here feed off me, please". And shutting twitch early game, which is quite the easy feat, is like stealing blue from Amumu@1:55. They'll both cry their way back to the nexus and sulk in the fountain.

But since I've gone a bit astray I will say this, as an ending statement. It is not a "new twitch" that needs to be build, but a "twitch lane". Give him agressive, early damage OR high cc support champs(leona, lulu), and you might manage to survive your dreadful early.


P.S. "Oh no, but how will he sustain in lane without a support that has sustain ?" Grow some balls, buy pots and lifesteal runes.

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