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I finished ME3 a few days ago and want to play through New Game+. I read here:

You'll retain your level, powers, and bonus powers, your credits, your Reputation/Renegade/Paragon scores, and all weapons, mods and armor.

I played Paragon the first time through, but now I want to play 100% renegade, just for the fun of it (sick of always being a goodie-goodie two-shoes).

Is it possible to play 100% renegade (and thus unlock the renegade option in final confrontation) with New Game Plus? Or do I need to start fresh/re-import my ME2 save?

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If you want to be 100% renegade, then you'll need to start a whole new game.

Starting a new game+ will allow you to increase your renegade score though. See here.

As a side note, you don't need 100% renegade to unlock the renegade option in the final confrontation, you must meet other requirements detailed here and here.

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Ahh, ok that's good enough for me. Thanks! – Mark Henderson Mar 27 '12 at 2:32

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