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I've been playing DDR Supernova 2 for the PS2 for months now. I have gotten B's and A's on almost every song I have unlocked on Expert difficulty, but I still am not able to select Expert difficulty when first starting a session. I hit a wall in in the Master Mode, and can't beat any more levels beyond around level J.

Will I be able to unlock Expert mode just by playing songs in the normal mode of playing, or do I have to beat things in Master Mode or Battle Mode?

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When you "Select Difficulty", "standard" makes all song choices available. There is no "expert" option to unlock.

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Interesting. The other DDR games I've played have had three difficulty levels to choose from, but I guess they decided to have two in this one. Thanks for your help. – dvcolgan Mar 29 '12 at 20:44

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