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I have been playing the chapters for the past few days, and I only have a handful of chapters completed on the hardest difficulty, 9.0. I was wondering if anyone had any tips, strategies, weapon or power preferences that can help me clear thewse chapters easier.

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I cleared the first 4 levels using this method. Make a weapon that has petrification +4(or more)- really useful for the sky battle portion. You want it to have 6 melee / 6 range. The optimal weapon for this would be a claw.

For your skills, add super-armor, librasponge/ Trade off (save it for the boss fight), Invincible and crisis recover. Everything else, you can fill it in with whatever space you have left.

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Invisibility is an ideal ability for solo mode. Especially if you want to have time to recover from crisis mode (if you've already used crisis recover) and enemies/bosses can't see you. Effect recovery is a biggie for when it comes to solo. If you get tempura'd,you don't want the tempura wizard to eat you,so use effect recovery. If you're the type that wants to take down bosses in a few seconds,use mega laser.

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Try using a good pair of Artillary Claws, preferably with 5 or more stars in the ranged stat. These claws can really dish out damage rather quickly, and with a good defensive modifier (health +6, overall def+6, etc) you will be able to take a lot more than just a couple hits.

As for a power set, I recommend Health Recovery lvl 4, Crisis Recovery lvl 3, Effect Recovery lvl 1, jump glide lvl 1, tirelessness lvl 2, and (if you want to boost your heart count, optional if you feel like you need something else instead) Heart Booster lvl 4.

This weapon and power set has helped me conquer almost all of the chapters on 9.0, the few I haven't beat being Chapters 18 (for obvious reasons), 23, and 24.

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Staffs: are best with range. I really like zooming in and taking down bigger enemies where they can't see me.

Claws: Claws give you a little extra speed. If you're super lucky, you might get a pair of claws with tons of speed, stam, and really good range (claws are the best for air and land battle)

Clubs: Keep in mind that clubs make you super slow. The good side to clubs is in rapid fire. They can repel the attacks made by enemies. (to be honest, don't use clubs if you're not a melee person)

Bows: Bows are great! They have homing, range, and melee. (work on getting a high level Palutena bow. That way enemies have no idea what hit them ^^)

Blades: I'm not a big fan of blades, but they have some homing, some good melee, and if you're lucky, good range. Out of it all, the blade is really just a standard weapon.

Arms: Arms have some good range, and they have really good melee. What else do you need to know?

Cannons: The attacks from cannons can bounce off the wall which is awesome if you're in a cave. Most cannons, if you fire a charge shot, will make an explosion when hitting an enemy or whatever it could hit – another reason why cannons are my one of my favorites.

Palms: Aren't really good with anything unless you get a good pair.

Orbiters: I have nothing to say for these because I hate them. >.< They always miss the enemy when it should have hit. I don't like orbiters at all.

Powers you should have:

Crisis recovery
Effect recovery
Mega laser (optional)
Explosive flame (optional)
Libra sponge
Pisces healing
Heart booster (optional)
Health recovery (optional. Pisces is the same but better.)
(whatever else you have that you think will help ^.^)

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