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Throughout the game you interact with various objects, people, environments that trigger "dreams". I want to find them all because they're interesting and add to the story, and to satiate my rabid completionism.

Is it possible to permanently miss any of these dreams during the game, or is it possible to pick them all up late in the game when you can fast-travel anywhere?

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Not according to this guide here and from personal experience. I do remember missing a few dreams and used this guide to go back and get them. Didn't have to start another playthrough. It's still a good practice to have guides like this in front of you when playing an RPG like this however, if you are a completionist like myself.

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I would add that there are certain pickups in the game that are much harder to get 100% of if you don't use a guide. I found many, but ended up falling a few short and didn't have the attention span to go back and research, despite my OCD. – EBongo Mar 31 '12 at 1:43

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