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Playing in Dark Matter mode, a counter appears which seems to count how many Dark Matter asteroids (as a planet) or planets (as a star) I have absorbed. This also seems to determine the coloring, since the blue star in the screenshot only has a count of 11 (while it is still surrounded by that Dark Matter "field" since I created it from a Dark Matter planet):


But what is the actual importance of this? Has this for example any influence on the creation of a Black Hole when colliding with usual matter?

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There is no purpose! It was a holdover from an earlier version of the game. Here is the developer's answer to this question copied from this steam forum:

It's sort of a relic of the 'discrete units of mass' system I used to have, but when I changed that to fractional values the discrete dark matter units don't really make sense anymore. So now it just represents how many dark matter asteroids that has been absorbed. It never really ended up as a big part of the game, so I didn't see the need to fix it.

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