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In sheer Generosity I enjoy handing out Gems to my friends. However I've noticed that when I receive my Gems for the day I can't always share my daily gems with friends I've shared with yesterday.

When does this timer reset? This inability to share is a crime against fabulosity.

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From the Dragonvale wikia FAQ: here.

Q: Is there any other ways to get gems besides paying for them?

A: Yes, A friend may gift you a gem every 24 hours. Each player is given 3 gems to gift daily, so forming a group of four with three other active players can guarantee that each day you receive three gems to use.This can be changed if you have a Dragonsai Gem Tree which you can use to send 6 gems to gift instead of 3. A site has been setup to help organize the creation of gifting teams at

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huh, the clock must be separate from getting the gems back – Ben Brocka Apr 2 '12 at 1:42
Unfortunately, I don't have more than 3 friends to enable testing. I have observed that I have "3 Gifts Available to Give Today!" before I can actually press the "Free Gift" button. I don't know why that is exactly, maybe a bug. – EBongo Apr 2 '12 at 1:56
The count definately resets at a certain time, what I'm saying is I think the Free Gift only un-greys-out 24 hours after you've gifted to that person. BTW there's at least 4 of us in chat that you can friend in game center! – Ben Brocka Apr 2 '12 at 2:51
Sometimes force closing DragonVale can cause the Free Gift button to work again, although this it is likely that the 24 hours have past and the DragonVale has just not updated. If you are expecting the Free Gift buttons to be active, try Force Closing the app, it might help. – Dean Taylor Jun 27 '12 at 21:24

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