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I've been wondering.

Most games with custom content cache the custom content from others somewhere. Is there a way to find the custom skins of others somewhere in the Minecraft folder after you played online with others?

Basically, when I see a cool skin someone I'm playing with is wearing, I would sometimes like to "steal" it.

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Considering the extremely small size of skins, they might just be cached in memory. I'm not aware of any minecraft caching mechanism that uses physical storage. The burden of storing data is usually on the burden of the server. – Resorath Apr 1 '12 at 17:00
You could always use the Minecraft Skin Viewer (not official) and look up their username and then copy their skin in your favourite skin editor (assuming that you can't find it with a quick google search because they made it themselves). – Mr Smooth Apr 1 '12 at 17:16
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No, skins are cached in memory, however you can view other skins at:[USERNAME].png

E.g. My skin would be at

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Minecraft does not cache any skins as files on disk, but for your interests for this topic I have some for you :-)

If you want to get a skin from a specific user from whom you know the username (with correct case!) then navigate to

For example: to get Notch's skin.

I use this on our servers website to display pictures of online users and player cards showing the users appearance in game.

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