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Ignite, Impure Shots, Explosive Shot and Executioner's Calling (and maybe others) all reduce an enemy's healing down to half. What happens if you try to stack 2 or more of these? Does it go like 50 > 75%; 50 > 100% or does it just stay at 50% all the time regardless?

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They do not stack, so it stays at 50% no matter how many times you apply the debuff, however, applying a second healing reduction ability will refresh the timer.

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None of the healing reduction debuffs stack but applying one on top of another will refresh the timer.

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Ignite will stack damage true damage but not the healing reduction debuff. Like they said it maxes at 50% or everyone would run ignite or play gp/trist/mf/fizz.

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Gangplank doesn't have built in healing reduction anymore. Just letting you know. – iLevin Apr 1 '12 at 20:14
Also, damage does not stack with multiple Ignites. New Ignites simply "take over" the older instance(s). – SIRCAVEC Apr 1 '12 at 20:18

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