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Hey guys I'm looking for some information about Runes and Routes for jungle as Warwick.

Currently I am using this set of Runes:

  • Attack Speed Marks and Glyphs.
  • Armor Seals.
  • Armor Penetration Quint.

I'm not very sure if this set provides the fastest jungle clear.

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Can you clarify what you're asking about? We need something with concrete answers, and asking for "best" anything is generally subjective. Do you want to know what runes help Warwick clear the jungle as fast as possible? –  Toast Apr 2 '12 at 15:57

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I have no hard numbers but I will explain the reasoning for the choices.

My recommendation: Flat attack speed runes in every slot.

The reasoning. His passive scales perfectly with AS and most Warwick builds are based around on hit effects. (Wits end, his passive, Bloodrazor). AS helps him clear camps faster, gives him more sustain and scales extremely well late game.

Armour pen runes - These are a no go in my opinion. 10 Armour pen is enough for jungle creeps to have 0 armour, however Warwick doesn't scale very well with these runes. They may be good for optimal jungle clearing time, however I wouldn't recommend them due to their usefulness falling off pretty hard late game.

Attack damage runes - Warwick doesn't scale so well with AD, so as above, I would not recommend them.

Flat armour seals - I would recommend these on every jungler, except for Warwick. He has build in sustain. You will want to build a wiggles anyway, so the cloth armour will be more than enough for you.

Magic pen runes - These are very strong for lanewick and scale well late game. However, they are not optimal for faster jungle clearing times.

Magic resistance glyphs - These are an option instead of attack speed glyphs. This decision makes your clear time slower. Warwick tend to end up with a fair amount of magic resist through most builds anyway, so I'd say AS runes are preferable unless you are against an extremely AP heavy team.

Movement speed Quints - These are another option for WW. He will be able to travel between camps faster as well as help his ganks. His bloodscent makes these a bit redundant later on in the game as you will probably be moving faster than everyone else already anyway. Attack speed quints are probably still preferable due to sustain they give.

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Ok Thanks for the help. –  kon Apr 2 '12 at 15:11
I really disagree with this answer. Though all attack speed may give the fastest jungle clear, it will make him very weak mid-late game. If you max Hunter's Call and build attack speed items, you're going to hit the attack speed limit. –  Toast Apr 2 '12 at 16:01
@Toast you will not be hitting 2.5 attacks per second with most builds. What AS items would you be buying to achieve this out of curiosity? –  theorise Apr 2 '12 at 19:14
Wit's End and Bloodrazor both spring to mind. –  Toast Apr 2 '12 at 19:39
I tested this Full Atk Speed and it works great early game but in the end not so much. Going to try adding some Armor runes now and see how that works out. –  kon Apr 4 '12 at 20:28

I used to run a full page of attack speed on my ww jungle, with the jungle remake i didnt care for it much so i switched out attack speed quints for gp10 quints i found it helped if i got counter jungled, and i was also not losing out on so much money if i waited too long for a gank. my build is more of a utility ww i get pretty tanky and if i get to late game im pretty unkillable unless focused hard. my build is usually wriggles, mercs, spirit vistage, wits end, and then end with GA if the game is dragged out.

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