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For me is not clear how the points calculation works in "Barricades" mode of Nation Red.

I resisted 20 minutes and did 1800 frags, but I got less points than the player that come before me on Steam ladder that resisted 10 minutes and got 1000 frags.

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There is a difficulty slider you can adjust pre-game which affects the number of points that are awarded per kill. The slider goes from 0% - 100%: The slider level determines the percentage of points that are awarded.

From this thread where the question is noted(albeit mistyped):

Ran 2 games on Barricade warehouse for 5 mins. One at 100% difficulty and the other at 50% (default)

At 100% i scored 21.5 million

At 50% i scored 14.1 million

Both i had auto XP as first perk.

Hope this helps!


Okay, so, again from the Steam forums:

I can probably guess what caused that: the tweaking of the difficulty level and the amount of Xp you get per kill.

When Nation Red was released a lot of players said it was too easy to collect perks: The difficulty level was then increased (apart from new perks, bosses, weapons, etc. which of course also affects scoring) so it became harder to beat existing scores.

Players felt NR became a bit too hard: the Xp per kill was increased.

So what you're seeing is some scores achieved with an 'older' version of the game and some with the current version.

In the end the game is constantly evolving with new weapons, perks, player classes, etc. It's impossible to keep the scoring perfectly equal (some new boss may be a bit harder than others, some new perk may be a bit too powerful, etc.)

Resetting leaderboards is one fix but I've tried to resist doing this until no new perks/bosses/player classes/weapons, etc. are added.

The next update will be a major one with 3-4 player coop and the final player classes. If a leaderboard reset is needed, that may be the best time.

Having said that, if you want to beat existing scores:

  • You get a lot more Xp playing on higher difficulty than lower

  • You get more Auto Experience (Perk) on higher than lower difficulty

  • On higher difficulty, zombies spawn more often = more Xp.

So beating existing scores is very possible but maybe try not to investigate the exact playing times, etc. when comparing scores.

Hopefully this helps. :)

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Thank you for answering. I tried to increase to 100% but it happened the same. I reached position 400th now after 56 minutes of play, but the one before me played 30 minutes and did the same points I did – Drake Aug 24 '10 at 13:45
Now is clear, I hope they will reset leaderboards so. Thank you – Drake Dec 27 '10 at 16:38

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