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I have an 85 affliction warlock on a PvP server. My question is, what do you other PvP folks do when you're in the open world in terms of equipment. Are you always in PvP gear in the off chance that you run into someone to PvP against and then swap into PvE gear when you're questing/raiding/instancing?

Also, macros and commonly used spells change when you're in PvP mode vs PvE mode. Heck, you might switch talent trees all together. I might prefer to use affliction during PvP and demonology during PvE.

How do you guys handle such situations on PvP servers? Do you roam the open world with your PvP talent enabled and PvP gear equipped and only switch to PvE mode once you're at the PvE destination? How do you manage your macros/spell bars? Equipment looks straight forward enough with the built in equipment manager, but I'm still curious if you travel the world in PvP gear by default.

I'll mark the thread with the best overall response as the answer.

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This is a bit too discussiony; as Brandon's answer says, this is up to personal preference. The problem may be that this isn't a "thread". Stack Exchange does specific questions about (relatively) objective problems; the FAQ goes into more detail. – Matthew Read Apr 3 '12 at 21:20

Honestly, I think a lot of this answer is going to depend on personal preference.

Personally, when I'm out questing / farming / dancing / whatever, I'm in PvE gear (I'm on a PvP server). I'll pretty much only switch into PvP gear beforehand (and talents if I have them) if I'm in a battleground, or I'm looking for a PvP fight (dueling or open world).

You'll spend the lion's share of time while questing (or whatever) actually doing PvE in the vast majority of cases. That being said, if the Alliance is being froggy in an area (watch General or Local Defense chat) or I've been ganked a time or two, I'll switch to PvP gear and quest in that and just accept the slower killing speed as a survivability trade off. Usually at that point, I'll also make sure that I never drop below 80% health so I don't start looking really attractive to being ganked.

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