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I made the mistake of wearing an amulet without identifying it, and now it turns out I can't take it off. I can't tell what effect it has while I'm wearing it, but it doesn't seem to have killed me yet. Even so, I would like to remove it until it can be properly identified.

How can I go about removing the cursed status, or short of that, how can I take it off despite its cursed status?

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Removing Cursed Status

  • Scroll of Uncursing
  • Remove Curse Spell
  • Praying to your deity
  • Dipping the item into a potion of holy water will bless the item, which also results in the cursed status being removed.

Unequiping Cursed Gear

  • Destroying the item will result it in being, well, destroyed. Which in turn will result in it being unequiped.
    • Scroll of Item Destruction
    • Traps
    • The Tower of Eternal Flames
    • Punishment from your god


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Of course, I died before you posted this answer. – StrixVaria Apr 4 '12 at 0:17

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