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In Tibia, is it possible to solo-hunt demons as a Level 220+ Royal Paladin while still making a profit from the hunt?

I remember trying this in Goroma, but there is such a huge spawn of demons there that I ended up wasting a lot of time and resources just to kill a few of them.

What locations would you suggest to do this? Any special strategies?

P.S. Can someone add the Tibia tag please? Thanks.

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It's really simples. You can go to Yalahar respawn. I usually hunt on the east resppawn, but west is good too.

I take 800 SMP's and 2000 Crystalline arrows, and with those supplies i can kill 80 - 90 demon and get a pretty decent profit (100k+).

In this video you can learn how to hunt there (pt-br)

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