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There is a known bug at the end of Tombraider "Guardian of Light" where once you finish playing level one, the game crashes. Is there any way to get to level two, so i can finish the game?

My platform: Win 7 Nvidia Grafics Card

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Can you clarify if this is with respect to TR:Guardian of Light or TR:Legend? I don't see that there is a "Legend of the Guardians" version. Also, can you clarify what platform you are playing the game on? – EBongo Apr 5 '12 at 11:00
sorry, got some things confused. edited :) – tarrasch Apr 5 '12 at 11:26
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The thing is keep trying does not help. The savepoint is at the end of a difficult task. What i did was load a savegame from next level and went from there.


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This unofficial forum lists the fix as "keep trying". Apparently it can be gotten around with multiple attempts/perseverance. I am assuming this is the "known bug" you are referring to.

Level name: Temple of Light

Platform: PC

Description: Game freezes and crashes after boulder hits the floor at the top of the ´staircase´ trap

Fix: Keep trying

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