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Well I was wondering if there are any amateur leagues for league of legends. Tournaments and such for people who are not in the pro scene.

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Every sunday, the ESL organises GO4LOL. If you live in Europe that might be helpful. You could also join the ESL ladders (1v1, 2v2, 5v5). Look it up:

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Short answer: Not official by RIOT.

You can find tons of small tournaments in local areas. Usually made by PC bang or special groups.

Here the Challenger Circuit by RIOT

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If you're a university student, then there are two leagues that run tournaments for college teams.

Collegiate Starleague: League of Legends

  • More organized because they are using the CSL: Starcraft framework
  • Larger prize pool
  • Only one team per school


  • More casual tournament
  • Can have more than one team per school
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If your from the UK there is a open tourny called UKlol,

They used to run each sunday,

here is a few of there Videos.

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