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So I finally killed the Ender Dragon! As I was climbing the portal back to the world, I noticed that on top of the column there was an egg. So I attacked, mined, clicked and nothing happened, it just teleported away. What does the egg do and how do I get it?

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The dragon egg does absolutely nothing (well, apart from eluding most attempts to pick it up). Put it on your mantelpiece to show them online.

From Minecraft Wiki

To obtain the dragon egg, the player may push it with a piston, detonate it with TNT, or place a torch or slab under the block the egg rests on and then destroy that block so the egg falls onto it. It is possible for the player to hit one while it is still moving to the point it breaks, however this is difficult. Another solution, is that you can start breaking a coinciding block and then scroll over to the egg while holding the break button, in this case you will start breaking the egg instead of it teleporting on contact.

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The most helpful way and easiest way should be :

  1. Break two blocks down next to it.
  2. Then place a torch two blocks down but this time under the block the egg is on.
  3. Destroy the blocks separating the torch from the egg so the egg falls down on the torch.
  4. And Voila! You've got yourself a Dragon Egg!
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Place a piston facing the egg, place a lever near the piston, then activate the lever. The egg should drops as an item. I don't know what it does; I think it does nothing.

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Pause, click 'controls', look at 'pick block' and use the same letter to pick up the egg. Note: Only Work on Creative

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Did you even bother to test this theory? – Jeffrey Lin Oct 21 '12 at 19:47
this is the absolute worst answer i have ever seen in my live!!! – codermaster Jan 16 '15 at 9:52
I think the egg destroys itself if you mine it on creative(tested). – John Jul 3 '15 at 10:59

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