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If you meet the following (mainly Paragon Mass Effect 2) conditions, AND have four bars of Reputation, then you can choose the Paragon (blue) option in the dialogue and resolve the Geth/Quarian conflict peacefully.

Have both Tali and Legion alive from an imported Mass Effect 2 save.
Prevented Tali’s Exile in Mass Effect 2
Resolved the Tali/Legion conflict in Mass Effect 2
Completed Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons
Completed Rannoch: Admiral Koris, and saved Admiral Koris
First side with Tali.  When Legion pleads with you to reconsider, you will have both a Paragon and Renegade option.  Picking Paragon will restore peace between the two sides.
You can also side with Legion first and tell him to upload the code.  When Tali says that the quarian will be wiped out, the same Paragon and Renegade options will appear.  Pick Paragon for peace. 

How can I edit the save so I can meet these conditions? I have read that you can use Gibbed.MassEffect3.SaveEdit to edit ME save files.

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The exact prerequisites needed to achieve Peace between Geth and Quarians are unknown. The facts on the Prima Game strategy guide have apparently been proven inaccurate and there is some speculation on how to achieve this.

It is not exactly clear what you want to do though. You title suggests that you want to modify the ME2 save, but your text says that you want to use a save game editor for ME3. In any case, if you want to hack that conclusion together, you need to modify values for both ME2 and ME3 since events from both games are relevant for the Geth/Quarian conflict. But, like I said, the exact flags and values needed are unknown as of yet.

More infos on the Geth/Quarian Aftermath here.

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