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The last patch claimed that a bug was fixed and Health Kits would start spawning.

-Fixed a bug where health packs were not spawning in world as they should

I've played through a few lives in the game after the update and still haven't gotten any med kits. They're not spawning in the open and I've opened the drawers/ect in a couple dozen rooms now, and killed lots of monsters and not a single med kit.

If it matters I'm playing the free version, but the update is for the free version and mentions they should spawn.

Where do I find med kits?

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FWIW, I only found a handful of medkits dotted around. They seem to spawn very rarely (presumably to encourage players to purchase them) – Alex Aug 5 '13 at 16:28

Try the recovery room. Also, they are on the wall and not in the drawers. You can only find money in the drawers.

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I always find a med kit in the record room on the first floor :3 hope this helped p.s. It's on the wall

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