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I made my character the largest size possible; that was a mistake. On Alderaan I'm trying to get the datacron in Castle Panteer, but I'm getting stuck on the door to the staircase:


Is there any way I can fit through here? I looked through the preferences for a "roll" move or something else that would help but didn't find anything.

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I'm sorry, but this question made me laugh so hard... I don't know why! +1 for apologies. – Aeo Apr 11 '12 at 17:34

At the moment, this is a bug in the game. You cannot access that datacron because you're too fat (couldn't resist).

There are a few ways to get past this (that I've read, I gave up on that datacron personally):

  • You can duel someone that is smaller and use a charge ability when they are on the other side. (looks like you're a Jedi/Sith warrior from that screenshot).
  • You can have a friendly Jedi/Sith healer of a smaller size go with you and grip you in.
  • You can duel a bounty hunter/storm trooper friend(Tank advanced class), who is a smaller size and have them grapple you.
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This was actually fixed in Patch 1.2! Awesome.

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