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I have seen a lot of info about the Skylanders using the RFID chips. I even know that a person created a driver/project to use the portal to download the data off of them.

My question is whether their are any other means to read the RFID data off a figure? I have heard that android phones have apps to interface with RFID, but I didn't know what the Skylander RFID specs were or if RFID reading tools are generic and can work with any type of RFID?

It just that I am interested in RFID technology and how a person can possibly use it in their own applications.

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The portal RFID device operates at 13.56 MHz and uses standard RFID protocol. Any RFID reader that can operate at this frequency should be able to work with the figurines, though I haven't tested this myself. The FCC filing for the portal device may be found here:

By the way, if you are interested in RFID technology the portal may not be a bad way to get started. Make has a really cool article about how they put together the first prototype for the game using Arduino and hacking together a bunch of off the shelf technology pieces (including a kitchen drain!) to get a proof of concept they could demo. (Developing Skylanders’ Innovative “Portal of Power”)

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