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I have played this level multiple times, and I cannot seem to find everything in that level. Could someone point out where all of the treasure boxes and intensity gates(If there is any for this level) are?

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  • In the first mirrored room, the false wall on the left has a chest behind it. (May require 5.0+ - sometimes I've had it only spit out hearts.)
  • Rather than go in the door after the bridge where Palutena sneezes, go around behind it to find a chest.
  • There's a chest on a platform only reachable by an Exo Tank jump, in the outside area. You do not need to boost to make the jump.
  • You need to take out the enemies on the spinning platform near the end of the level to make another chest appear.
  • Right before the boss, turn left to find a level 7 intensity gate.
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Oh wow, I completely missed that intensity gate. thanks! – Leo5882723 Apr 13 '12 at 19:06
There is also a secret area where you go down the river of sand near the beginning of the stage. If you look carefully there's a holographic wall on your right near the first bend. Inside is a treasure box. – Hoshimaru57 Apr 29 '12 at 18:52

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