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According to the Evocations page on the wiki:

Anything which requires the evoke command (v) uses [Evocations], as does evoking (V) wands and using special abilities (a) granted by items.

Attacking units 2 squares away with a polearm like a spear or halberd is done by using e(v)oke. What exactly is affected by your Evocations skill when doing this kind of action?

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Good question. I don't think it does anything for polearms, but I would probably have to dive into the source code to confirm that for sure. – au revoir Apr 13 '12 at 23:16
Will update the wiki with this information. – Ids Jul 25 '12 at 15:55
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According to lines 162-164 in

// This chance should possibly depend on your skill with
// the weapon.
if (coinflip())
success = false;

successfuly evoking a reach weapon (branded or polearm) depends on luck alone. And if successful, it doesn't train evocation (pract = 0;), so I gues it's an exception to that wiki page. Lines 713-728:


    if (weapon_reach(item))
        if (_reaching_weapon_attack(item))
            pract    = 0;
            did_work = true;
            return (false);
        unevokable = true;
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