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Since the in-game guide is very basic and does not answer these questions, I was hoping there was an on-line manual somewhere that described what is going on in more detail, either from EA or someone else. Where can I find a real manual for Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPhone?

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Unfortunately, C&C Red Alert is not a big concern for EA since they bought out and shut down the original company Westwood which created the PC game series Command & Conquer. Luckily they added a virtual manual that was built into the game at the main screen; Tap the square on the right side of the screen with the letter "i" in it. This will provide you with a detailed description on everything you need to know about the game.

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EA's documentation for this iOS game is paltry. The only in-depth help re: missions and strategy (not controls) is on its C&C Wikia page.

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