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The LearnDB suggests that you should not consider taking on the Zot dungeons without some source of rElec. However, I have never found so far any item that granted such a protection, except for potions of resistance and spells.

What is a reliable source of electric resistance in Dungeon Crawl?

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There are very few guaranteed sources of anything in Crawl. As of DCSS 0.8, the ways to resist electricity are:

  • The shock resistance mutation. Great if you get it, but short of being a black draconian (who gets it when his color is declared), it's unlikely. The thin metallic scales mutation at level 3 also confers shock resistance.
  • Wield a staff of air. A staff of air is a relatively common find by the time you get to Zot. You might carry it as a spare weapon and wield it in case of danger. If you're a melee or ranged weapon fighter or earth spellcaster, this is mostly for running away (perhaps to equip more suitable armor), not for fighting.
  • Wear storm dragon armor (a hide is enough). This is often a good option for heavy armor characters, and storm dragons are common enough that you're reasonably likely to collect some armor before Zot.
  • Wear, put on or wield an artifact that confers shock resistance. This is obviously up to chance. Note that you can switch weapons and jewelry in one turn; armor requires several turns.
  • Cast the Insulation spell (Charms/Air level 4 as of DCSS 0.8). The duration is 10–100 turns depending on random draw and power.
  • Quaff a potion of resistance. The duration is 35–74 turns.
  • Take on statue form.

I believe the maximum damage from electric golems and titans has been toned down in DCSS (I think they could one-shot some very-low-hp character builds back in 4.0b26), so permanently-on resistance is less mandatory than it was back then. On the other hand, there are now more shocking monsters (draconians), and there is more risk of needing all resistances at once (draconian packs).

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No change in DCSS 0.9. –  Gilles Aug 16 '11 at 21:49

The primary ways to get electrical resistance are Storm Dragon armour, or artefacts (especially certain non-random artefacts, like the Amulet of Cekugob).

I'm not certain that there is a reliable way to obtain either, but the more areas you explore, the more artefacts you will gain, and with each artefact you gain, there is a chance that it will grant electrical resistance.

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