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In the same spirit as : How is the language code in Fez intended to be solved?

I was able to crack the language code using tradition substitution cipher breaking techniques.

But I ended up cheating on the number/tetris symbols by looking on the Internet.

The number code is logical enough now I know it -- but I can't see how I would have arrived at it without help.

With regard to tetris shapes:

What would cause you to go down the path of associating Tetris shapes with controller inputs?

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Tetromino/Tetris block cipher

Controller inputs are only associated with tetrominos once.


Towards the top of the map, in the tree near the octopus building that houses the solar system model.

What's inside?

A puzzle that displays tetromino blocks based off of controller inputs, and an anticube prize for cracking the nearby pillar's code. (image) (link to finished cipher)

The classroom in the 8-cube Blade Runner city then shows how to interpret the pillars with tetromino inscriptions. Here's one wall, but relate it to the others:

tetromino pillar

Numbers cipher

Like the alphabet, there isn't one proper way to do this, but you might be interested in the 16-cube temple's classroom. Instead of trekking back, this is what it looks like:

16-cube temple's classroom #1 16-cube temple's classroom #2 16-cube temple's classroom #3


Those are "equals" signs, and the last picture is arithmetic. Also, the figure/ground is confusing—pay attention to the box and its internal vertical/horizontal lines, not the "C" shapes. (link to finished cipher)

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Also, there are more "three-number-sums-that-equals-to-ten" drawings at the sides of the library where the planets are rotating. So, there you go, even more hints. (but I confess I couldn't figure it out by myself) – Denilson Sá Feb 13 '15 at 21:20

For the tetris shapes:

There is a room where a pillar flashes the appropriate shape when you apply the input near it. There's a tetris-shaped chain next to it to test the inputs on. It looks like this:

It was really satisfying to figure that one out for myself, I loved that puzzle.

For the numbers:

The numbers are in order on a wall (in the big-head village I think), and 1-4 are on connected treasure maps.

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Blast, I feel like such a quitter now. Should've trusted the designer to be fair. And the numbers? – slim Apr 16 '12 at 11:23

With regards to the tetris blocks translations there's also a schoolroom with the explanation marked down on a blackboard on how to view them.

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