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My character got stuck in a tent in one dungeon. I was doing some quest in some dungeon, I saw a monster in a tent, I went to kill the monster, I killed it but in the process I accidentally went in the tent. When I tried to get out of the tent, I discovered that my hero cant move past its entrance. I tried to Whirlwind out of the tent, but without any success. There was a bed in the tent, so I went to sleep (hoping that it will fix the glitch) but things get worse - my save was overridden and my 3 last saves now are in the tent (stuck). I'm not outdoors, and I cannot fast travel from there. I can't only load my hero from a previous save (which is 5 levels lower).

Is there a cheat for going through walls, or any other kind of getting out of the tent?

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@EBongo The Falmer are masters at trapping their enemies. – galacticninja Apr 17 '12 at 3:51
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Open the console using the tilde key (~) and type TCL (which toggles collision, letting you go through walls or other solid objects). Once you're in a safe zone repeat the process to turn it off.

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