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In the PC game Zombie Panic Source which is a half Life 2 modification. The player starts with 0 bars of fatiuge and faster running than zombies. Presumably, you also achieve a quicker rate of fatigue when carrying more stuff.

How is the running speed determined by what weapons and/or ammo you have?

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Here in the forum,

"Every weapon/item/ammo picked up lowers a survivor's movement speed (shown as velocity in the cl_showpos 1 command) by a certain amount. The amount is simple addition or subtraction, if a survivor with nothing, speed 195, picks up a sledgehammer, it would lower his speed by 14.5, making his new speed 180.5. Guns have two numbers, the left-side number is the empty weight of the gun, the right-side number is the weight of the gun fully loaded."

There is a link here, where all of the weapons, ammo, and equipment (and the amount of weight they add) are neatly listed. ^_^

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Thanks! Just what I was after. – Taz Mar 7 '13 at 23:43

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