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I noticed the Tutorial guy (sitting on the pumpkin) has an option to let you change break type. It's greyed out. I've been getting Lucky Dolls but haven't unlocked a new Break type yet. I haven't yet beaten the game (I'm replaying to unlock all normal stages/times).

How do I unlock more Break types?

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A quick search of the FAQ for Break Mode yielded this information:


You can switch the break mode type from the Tutorial NPC's menu.


Default Break mode. When you enter Break mode, a burst of lightning goes down on the Prinny. This effect actually causes massive damage to nearby enemies as well as stage objects, so it could be both useful and dangerous at certain times. It's especially dangerous if you activate Break mode while standing on breakable platforms. Standard Break mode doubles your attack damage, making rapid attacks MUCH more potent against enemies.


This is the first game's combo gauge function. You don't enter Break mode, (and thus have no access to Break mode attacks) instead you are rewarded with sweets and scarfs/diapers when you fill up the gauge.

Classic Break is unlocked by beating the game once.


A special Break mode that focuses on score bonuses. When you enter Score Break, any and all sources of Score will be multiplied by 4. Sweets, enemies, bosses, you name it. There are some problematic disadvantages to Score Break:

  • No blue aura on ANY move
  • No Prinny Cyclone (Hero Prinny)
  • Instead of bouncing off a wall when you bump into them during a dash or dash jump, Prinny instantly explodes and dies.
  • No damage increase during break mode

Score Break is unlocked as a reward for collecting 52 Lucky Dolls.

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Oh, crap, those aren't very useful at all... – Ben Brocka Apr 19 '12 at 15:23
No. No, they aren't. But they're fun, I'm sure. Dying as soon as you bump into something during a dash sounds like fun. – skovacs1 Apr 20 '12 at 6:38
As a side note, Score Break means you die every time you bump into something even if you have a scarf/diaper left, even when you're not IN break. The score boost is otherwise pretty nice for earning titles... – Ben Brocka Apr 21 '12 at 15:36

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