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In Trials Evolution, I noticed on the stats screen that I have apparently collected a squirrel:

Squirrels Collected?

I was a bit surprised by this because I don't remember seeing any squirrels in the game (apart from the one on the loading screen). How do you collect squirrels? How do you know once you've collected one?

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The squirrels in Trials Evolution are 'items' hidden throughout the game. You have to navigate to them, or in some cases wait until after a trial has been completed. I don't know of any benefit that you get to collecting all of the squirrels aside from that personal sense of satisfaction.

The link above goes into greater detail about where to find the squirrels and even includes several videos of finding all the squirrels.

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Full video guide to the Squirrel achievement.

Part 1: 1-9

Part 2: 10-16

Part 3: 17-20 (Click the link in part 2s video description. )


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