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In Microsoft Flight, most of the job postings at airports seem to be cargo or passenger missions which require the Maule M-7-260C. What jobs can I do for free—with either the Icon or the Stearman—and where are they?

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You can only do the $100 Hamburger and Sightseeing jobs. I am unsure if the airports always offer the same jobs or if they are randomly generated.

  • $100 Hamburger
    • Most airports near Waimea-Kohala (the only that didn't seem to have it was Pahala Airstrip and Kaalaiki way in the south, and Kona Int'l)
    • Note: These can only be done during the day. To adjust the time, go to Free Flight (on the left), then Flight Conditions. Adjust accordingly.

  • Hawaii Biplane Tour
    • A few of the larger airports including:
      • Kona Int'l
      • Waimea-Kohala, and
      • Hilo Int'l.
    • You can't do these at night, adjust time as above.
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