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Is there a specific reason to collect all of these car keys, or all of the dog tags? To put it simply, are these only in the game for those try-hard gamers that think they have to get everything in a game in order to actually beat it? (No offense to anyone)

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Dog tags in Crysis 2 multiplayer serve two functions:

  • They serve as a player icon for the player profile.As players progress through the game and multiplayer, they can unlock new dog tags to use.

  • They are dropped by players upon death and can be collected by the player who killed them. Collecting dog tags unlocks support-measures such as the Orbital Strike.


  • Are fun to be found since they look cool.

  • Unlock the “The Tourist” achievement (15G) or trophy (Bronze)."Find all New York Souvenirs in the Single Player Campaign".

e-mails only give you more detail about what is happening as you play the story.

Vehicle keys to my knowledge don't give you anything except the reason to play game once more to find all of them.

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No, there is no benefit. They're are simply there as collectables.

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they dont do shit. they dont do shit.t

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