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Is there a wayto get the current ingame time from a minecraft server from the web?, does a plugin exist that can do this? Or would I need to create my own?

Minequery sends some basic info, could it be extended to get more?

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What you are looking for is Dynmap. We have it on our server to provide multiple features such as:

The current version of Dynmap provides an in-browser map, like Google Maps, of your Minecraft world. It updates the map in realtime while you have your browser opened and shows the current players, regions and in-game messages on top of the map. It also allows viewers of the map to chat from within their browser with players in-game.

This mod does show in game realtime on the server. See here for more more details, download URL, and installation instructions.

enter image description here

Source of screenshot

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Seems a little much JUST to get the game time.. – Ezra Apr 26 '12 at 9:38

There are probably simpler plugins which achieve the same thing, but with the bukkit plugin essentials, there is the command /time, which gives the time in the world. coupled with a script such as (this example only works if server is running command-line inside the linux program screen) it could be possible to output the time into a web browser.

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Dynmap can do this as Foxtrot said. However you can get something to show everything, such as Most kills/users online. Everything.

Statistician v2 can do that for you.

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