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I got one of the preorder DLC packs for Portal 2 on Xbox 360 that gave the Robots skins that could be applied to them. I was wondering if their was a way to turn off this skin without deleting the actual DLC content?

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There is - equip anything such as a hat or flag or skin. The devs have not shown the love for the unfortunates plagued with the ill-designed roll-cage DLC. They said they would fix it, but I don't see it in my inventory so I'm not leaving my co-op bots bare.

If you're too cheap to buy robot enrichment bobbles and doodads (I know I am), the free ones (which happen to be easy to get) are:

Bionic Beanie: Earn the “Lunacy” Achievement. You’ll get this achievement, and the unlockable, when you complete Portal 2′s single player campaign.

WCC Flag: Earn the “High Five” Achievement, which you get for completing the first co-op course in Portal 2.

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We missed the 1 year anniversary of Valve's failed promise by 3 days :( – kotekzot Apr 25 '12 at 13:05

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