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I have a minecraft server which I can change the JARs on. Currently I am using v 1.2.5 of Minecraft_server jar with Minecraft Forge installed to allow the use of the Buildcraft mods. On my previous server I just had bukkit installed, this allowed me to install mods like worldedit, but not buildcraft.

I really need a mod that will allow world editing and creative building, but I don't want to lose buildcraft. Is it possible to have bukkit and forge running at the same time? How would I start? Seems you can only download bukkit as a JAR.

Alternatively, a mod which is/like worldedit that would be compatible - although I would rather like to get Bukkit loaded so I can use things like "Essentials"

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Here is a version of buildcraft that has been ported to Craftbukkit format. It will work as a plugin.

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Ah, brilliant. Last time I tried to check there for ports, it was always empty! I'll check it out :) –  RawryLions Apr 30 '12 at 17:41
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MCPC is a version of Bukkit that runs forge mods that have been ported across to Bukkit. It is more commonly seen in the Techic pack (Tekkit).

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