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Possible Duplicate:
What disenchantable item has fortify enchanting?

I was wondering if you made an enchantment: "fortify enchanting" with 100 enchanting, all enchanting perks, with a grand soul gem. than you could equip the item and repeat first step for unlimited enchanting power. I need to know if there is a cap on this.

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You cannot put Fortify: Enchanting on gear for precisely this reason.

Alchemy and Enchanting have a bit of a feedback loop, but diminishing returns means you cap out at a 29% bonus, and no further.

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Technically Yes, Mechnically not really.

It's possible through some clever use of Alchemy, Restoration and Enchanting to raise your Enchanting level through the roof. For details of the method see this link:

I would imagine that there is a theoretical cap due to the fact that computers can only store numbers of a certain size natively. However in practise I doubt this would affect this loop unless you looped it a very very large number of times.

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