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I have defeated Diablo 2 LoD in Hell mode and can't get a large enough crew together to help improve the pop rates on Keys or SoJs to get the different Ubers to spawn (I realize I am asking about 2 different quests).

This is the only content I haven't seen and I would like to try it out before I start D3 as I will probably stop playing D2 after.

Is there a way to experience this game play in single or non-ladder Diablo 2?

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The Pandemonium event can only be undertaken on the Ladder and Non-Ladder realms and is not functional in single player or LAN games... without a mod.

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+1. That mod is actually really useful. Also if you want to test ladder-only runewords on single-player... – bummzack May 2 '12 at 7:11

Both the Pandemonium Event (Ubers) and Uber Diablo (Dclone) can be fought on the BattleNet Realms (ladder and non-ladder), but not on Single Player.

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