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In one of Dota 2 recent patches Valve added a new feature called "Performance Index" visible in your own in-game profile.

For me is not really clear how does it work. Do you have any info on which "performance" it monitors? K/D, K/D/A, Gold per minutes, Experience per minute or all of them?

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It's pretty much completely worthless, unfortunately. –  Decency May 3 '12 at 2:15
imo it takes into accounts how u place your spells. my friend had a higher performance bar at several heroes that had overall more loses and less k/d. no wards where bought afaik and spells where better placed by my friend. PS: i agree @ decency. it's just not reliable atm –  Wandang May 3 '12 at 10:33

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I don't think it's written anywhere explicitly, but from my own and experience of others, it seems to be based solely or mostly on K/D ratio.

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That sounds about right: averaging 2 as pipe + mek builds (no kills), and over 3 playing soft carries well (decent positive kd), the only thing that throws it off was one of my highest indexed was as SS, along the lines of 3/3/18, but had an unusually high index. My theory is that it takes into account wards, and maybe courier purchases/ usage, I bought about 7 sets of wards in the game. –  Protheroe May 2 '12 at 20:30
I believe it's also assists. My Venomancer rating is maxed out, even though I play support. I've gone 0 kills, 35 assists before and it's gone up. I wouldn't be surprised if it included last hits, denies, wards and courier as @Protheroe suggested. –  Dracs May 11 '12 at 18:11

We simply don't know at this point, because Valve hasn't explicitly said how it works. Throwing in my own guess, I would factor in how many spells you hit (i.e. Windrunner shackles that land to a creep or tree vs nothing)

edit: as of the last patch, their algorithm has changed significantly, and will give different results.

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In my observation, the performance bar is determined on your Win-loss ratio.

I have compared my heroes and for example my Rikimaru which I do not use much is 4 Wins and 4 Losses. The performance bar for my hero is at 50%.

There was a time too when my Naix was 12 wins and 12 losses. When my Naix won a game, although bad performance (thanks to my team), the bar shoots up a little.

Make that observation with your hero wins and losses. I'm very sure about this and I hope that valve changes the performance based on kills/assists/deaths/wards placed/heroes supported/etc.

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