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Is there a way to remove activated perks in skyrim? I know the console command to add them, but I just want to rearrange my skill points without becoming overpowered. I unlocked some stupid perks that I never use or will use and I don't want to do 38 levels again, to solve it the fair way. Anyone knows a solution? Thanks

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The console command is:

player.removeperk <perkid>

You'll need to know the perk ID for whichever perk it is you want to remove. The UESP pages for each skill tree list the perk ID's, but there's also a good script down at the bottom of this page which, if run, will remove all perks. However, looking at the file in a text editor will show you an itemized list of all the perks and their ID's.

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I'm pretty sure not all perks are removed "cleanly" (Think Bloody Mess from Fallout 3), and sometimes you will need to save/reload or restart the games for some changes to take effect. – kotekzot May 3 '12 at 14:41
@kotekzot, I didn't run into that problem myself, but perhaps I didn't remove a problematic perk. It wouldn't surprise me if there were unintended consequences, however. +1 for the cautionary tale. – agent86 May 3 '12 at 14:47

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