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If you beat a level with a double 'S' rating, you'll get one key for the harder doors(e.g. silver door levels give gold keys)

When you beat a level with a rating worse than double 'S' you'll basically get a part of a key.

How exactly does that scaling work/what percentage of a key will you receive for which rating?

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I feel a bit stupid for answering my own question...

But after some more research on Google, I found this, where you can scroll down to New key progression system you'll find some information, that perfectly answers my question:

Think of the scores as percentages: an S is worth 50%, an A is worth 40%, all the way down to 10% for a D. So an SS is worth 100%, an SA is worth 90%, etc. Your top scores in each level are combined to determine your key count: every 100 percentage points you earn, you get a key. For example, if you get an AB (70%) on one level, and a SA (90%) on another, you get a key, and the 60% remainder is applied to your next key. This works on a per-key-type basis. So you have a separate meter for silver keys, gold keys, etc.

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