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I've been playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 for a while now. For a while I thought my skills were going up (progressing from amateur to legend), but I noticed that when I got to around Pro level that my stats hadn't seemed to have any effect on my gameplay.

So I had a look at the stats screen and noticed that I have a yellow line capping me at 10% and what was increasing was my potential. How do I remove the cap or make it increase? I've won a few tournies on the tour so I thought it might go up after winning my first one, then maybe my second one, now I'm on about 7 so I'm guessing that's not it.

Any ideas? Its really ruining the gameplay for me. Although the difficulty at having a golfer so technically challenged is actually quite fun.

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You have to beat the "boss" golfers (the ones in the center of each of the Tiger Challenge clusters) to increase that yellow skill cap.

I believe that's the only way to make the skill increases you earn actually apply.

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It seems to me you are not adjusting the attributes for your career character. Yes, this is a year later but I just saw this looking for something else. Each time you play in a tournament you gain experience points. Then you should go into attributes and spend those points to increase your abilities. With the EA Sports $30,000.00 driver, my character can drive a tee shot to 409 yards using "Power Shot" or 376 in "Full" swing mode. Attributes are located using this click sequence:

Game Face: Attributes: Spend points as desired.

But seriously, I hope you have learned this a long time before now. That or you are the world's most patient person. :-)

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I don't think you read the question properly. I can spend attributes, but each are maxed until I beat the "boss golfers" in the other answer – jumping_code Feb 18 '14 at 9:52

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