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In one of the loading screens, a tip says "Hit ACCELERATE at just the right moment during the countdown to get a TURBO-BOOST start":
enter image description here

When's the "right moment" and what are techniques or tips to increase the chances that I hit the accelerate button at the right moment? Does the "right moment" differ per racer character? If yes, please state the differences.

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Oooh! I just read this, which is why i asked about it in my iPad question. I don't know about the answer for the iPad, but I read about the answer for this one:

Push 'acceleration' between '3' and '2', it should work. If it fails on the first try, experiment with the timing between those seconds.

BTW, the slower (less accel and high speed) chars don't seem to turbo, but they get a boost anyway, just not to pole position.

I don't have the pc/console version though, so I cannot test the reliability of the two answers.

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