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I am wondering which is the best reforging for rogue on pve gear, and which is on pvp gear. I know for pve first should be hit rating to 8% and then the rest but I don't know if this applies to pvp as well.

What I ask for is for subtetly 8/2/31 for pvp and combat for pve. Also, I'm not even sure reforging makes sense if you have vicious set for pvp.

Well, this is pretty straight-forward question so any suggestions are appreciated. Also, I'm really not interested in anything else(glyph,builds,poisons etc) but the reforging matter. Thanks.

My references are from wowpopular,maxdps,pverogues.

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As a rule of thumb you can follow these priorities:

PVP(Sub): 5% Melee Hit > Crit > Haste > Mastery > Expertise
PVE(Combat): 8% Melee Hit > Expertise (26) > Haste > Mastery > Hit(up to 27%) > Crit

You can look for suggestions on places like Elitist Jerks then try various setups on online tools like Ask Mr. Robot

Anyway you don't need 8% hit for PvP, the hit cap against other players is 5%. Take a look at this guide on the official forums for a lot of useful suggestions for PvP, regarding not only equip and spec, but also glyphs and abilities priority.

For PvE you can read this other guide on the aforementioned Elitist Jerks forum.

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your expertise should take priority after hit% in both specs until you hit 20/20(26/26 for pve) IMO. You don't want any kidney shots being dodged! – Jared May 10 '12 at 23:53

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