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I came across a camping tent while playing, and the description says it acts as "extended safe storage" for items. After pitching the tent I noticed I was able to "save it", in addition to storing things inside of it. I assumed that saving a tent would save the tents location and contents in the games persistent server, and then the next time I loaded up the game my tent and its contents would still be there. Sadly, however, I was killed by a bandit before I could test this theory.

What is the purpose of a camping tent?

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From this unofficial DayZ Wiki:

Tents are items that offer a source of storage players. They do not save from server to server but on the originating server they were deployed on. Deployed tents cannot be stolen, however the items inside can be.

So, tents stay on the server they were pitched on and do not follow you to other servers.

It also says the Save command "properly saves a tent although there still is a chance that a server will eat your tent no matter what."

More info here.

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The tents are used for storage, they save through server restarts. You use the save option to save the contents.

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Will a pitched tent come with me if I switch servers, or will it only be found on the server I pitched it in? – Wipqozn May 17 '12 at 12:40
@Wipqozn Tents only exist on the server where you pitch them. – AlphaStrik3 Jul 11 '12 at 22:28

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