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I have several color palettes along with the original colors that come with the app, however when it's my turn to draw, I can't click on any of them. I can only draw in black!

I can scroll through the colors and see them but when I try to select a color such as orange, nothing happens. I can still select the size point I want to use and the eraser, I can also click on the button that says 'trash' even though I haven't drawn anything yet. It's just the colors that won't work. It's been this way for days even after I restart my phone.

It's getting frustrating since I want my colors to draw things for people in the colors they're supposed to be. Is there a way I can fix this without losing any of the color palettes I have already earned & purchased?

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Have you tried closing the app and re-lauching it? That always seems to fix most of my Draw Something problems. Unless you are drawing for a dog, in which they won't notice the lack of color. – Dycker May 12 '12 at 18:22

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