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In world of tanks when using the XVM mod the overview screen shows two chances listed. "m" and "k" What do these numbers signify?

World of Tanks XVM mod overview

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These are two calculated "chances" of winning, using slightly different forumlae.

  • K is the more basic of the two, looking only at the efficiency rating and tier.
  • M takes more variables into account, such as number of battles and previous winrates.

For M, the forumla is:






E=efficiency of player

R=GWR of player

B=normalized number of battles of player (number of battles divided by 100000)

Tmin=min battle tier of current tank

Tmax=max battle tier of current tank

M=effectiveness of player calculated by efficienecy, winrate, battles played and tier

Kc=sum of calculated M for all allies

Kn=sum of calculated M for all enemies

K= win rate

For K, the formula is:




Esi allied player efficiencies

Usi allied player tier (Epi Upi being enemy stats)

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