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I would sometimes like to follow team liquids wiki in some maps as a walkthrough(like the secret mission) but it seems I can't "alt-tab" in SC2. How do you do this is mac osx?

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Command + M will set you in windowed mode. From there any number of methods will let you switch applications...expose, spaces, alt-tab etc.

If you aren't in windowed mode you can't alt-tab or switch between apps.

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In Mac OS X, its <kbd>Command+Tab</kbd> – CyberSkull Dec 9 '11 at 10:10

In the Options under Graphics, set the Display Mode to 'Windowed (Fullscreen)'. At that point, SC2 will take up the entire screen (unlike command+M) but you will still be able to switch between applications with command-Tab just like with any other application.

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