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I read that Blizzard allows to cash out the earnings from the auction house, instead of just allowing you to fund your Battle.net wallet with them (or get in-game gold).

I'm assuming you can do it with PayPal, but I may be wrong.

What are all the ways to cash out to real life? If there are region restrictions, what are they?

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As the official FAQ mentions you need to:

  1. Use a supported currency, currently not RUB or TWD
  2. Associate the "third-party payment service" (here, PayPal) with your account
  3. Select the paypal cashout option as you create the auction.

If you choose to send the funds to your Battle.net acccount you will not be able to withdraw them in the future.

Keep in mind that both Battle.net and PayPal will charge fees.

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The FAQ is quite verbose and covered by copyright. I've tried to rephrase it. –  badp Jun 16 '12 at 16:48
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I don't know this would work but I read from a discussion in the official site.

Suppose you have 2 accounts for playing D3. Let's say A and B.

First, A would gain money in BNet balance pocket. Until you satisfy or upto the maximum of it. B will offer to trade a rusty or crude sword, says 200$, with paypal pocket. Then A accepts the trade from B. After that B will have 200$ - fee in paypal pocket and A spend 200$ in his BNet balance pocket.

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